gimp question

What is the difference between png files that have .PNG or .png when your opening them in gimp?Because i made a png of the vertex groups in blender with the snip tool for windows 8 and that is what it did.

I don’t think capitalization makes a difference in file extensions. They’re the same.

If you’re seeing differences, keep in mind that there are different settings for png images. Some have Alpha channels, for example, but those settings are irrelevant to whether it’s PNG or png.

In additon to that Windows is completely case agnostic:
test.png, Test.PNG, TEST.PNG, TEST.png - that’s all the same for Windows’ file system.

What is? I have a feeling we’re missing an image here? Showing your problem?

To know why Windows native programs saves with upper case extensions, you have to rewind time to the old times and the way computers stored information. Old OSs used “FAT32”, a format where file and extensions were stored separately on the file. So you would have your file, your extension and on thee screen, they were put together around a dot: “file.EXT”. Although for the extension you only had a maximum of 4 letters, and since you could only have 64 different characters available, the uppercase letters were chosen. Differences in how file name and extensions were treated meant that later when ASCII encoding was invented lowercase letters could be put on the file name, but the extensions still suffered from having limited characters at its disposal.

Nowadays with NTFS (the current standard for Windows) and EXT4 for Linux you don’t have these problems anymore, but Windows in an attempt at nostalgia still wants you to save files with uppercase letters.
So that’s why extensions can be found in uppercase letters, and are 99% of the time shorter than 4 letters. As of today extension case is not a problem, you can save your images in PnG and it’ll be fine for almost all your devices.

Okay no problem then.Thankyou that is what i wanted to know.

unfortunately there is still a ton of windows software that defaults to the windows 3.1 and win95 days

yes in a 64 bit OS world some code still thinks it is the 1980’s and 1990’s still

now this is not to be confused with some current mainframes that use ALL uppercase letters

but this IS A VERY BIG issue for the non windows users
Windows xp,vista,7,8,10 HIDE!!! the file extensions from you so you might NEVER see it
( this way you DO NOT know that the music file you just DOUBLE CLICKED ON is really "music.mp4.exe " and you just really messed up )

windows sees cap and lowercase as the SAME FILE ( capitalization insensitive )
on windows this is THE SAME FILE
FileOne.PNG and fileone.png

on linux based Operating Systems these are TWO different files ( capitalization sensitive )

i see this problem MOSTLY on 3ds meshes

the mesh has all uppercase names or just uppercase file extensions
the images USE DIFFERENT capitalization than is what is hard codded into the 3ds
this is a royal pain to clean up