GIMP - Sketch Script. Anime. Blender/Makehuman/Zumbi (Blendswap).

Not sure where to post this, but I discovered a sketch script which works well.

The “sketch” filter does well. I added some touch-up to hair on one filter.

I think the “boots” appear a bit big, so will study some proportions later.

Your comments welcome, but this is an idea I have been toying for some time. The anime character is in his late 20’s, a hero and quite world wise.

I also put a test of a similar item in “Blender tests” of this forum, but won’t revive that.


you did the model in blender right? why didn’t you make the shaders “shadeless” and white and use the edge render oder freestyle? isn’t that easier? just my two cents ^^ PS: nice model :slight_smile:

Ahh…my devious scheme un-winds…

I really should have put some more information upfront.

I really haven’t put any additional vertices on the make-human mesh, apart from the hair & boots. The body/cloth is simply a cut and paste from “Zumbi” of blendswap.

I still use blender 2.4Xx as the newer is too modern for me, and well, won’t run on my laptop.

But yeah, I will try out the shade shaderless.

Thanks for your comment.

Why wont it run? Driver issues with display?

Umm I think that the version of windows has something to with it. Not that I am out to get it going in anyway, as a part of me wants to stick with the older version of blender. The 2.5Xx versions mean I have to learn and try out new things and ofcourse the time spent in that, when the older version suits me perfectly fine.

But anyway, back to topic, I tried out Blackcats suggestion, and yes, there is merit in that approach.