GIMP Star Wars

Well, it seems I’ve discovered that I need an art portfolio to submit to colleges by January. So, I’m hoping to crank out a few good pictures to put in it within a month (I’ve hardly anything good to put in it as it stands…)

Starting with some Star Wars images (the images I did this to can easily be found on google, searching for “Darth Maul” and Palpatine… note that Palpy was actually two images)

I still have to fix Maul’s eyes, they shouldnt be gray like that.

Moving on… Some C&C would be nice :wink: :wink:

wow! the first one is looking amazing! i love the way the lightsaber is a bit different in style…makes the entire image look much more interesting!
the style is very good, but once you are looking at it a bit more you see a few minor problems: the horns are not looking very good. especially the most left one (our left) and the one at the back (his back :slight_smile: ) the ear is not that good and the right part of the handle of the sabre is not very good (our right). but the style is just awesome! i really love it! keep it up

very nice pics!

i really like your sense of shadow and lights.

now i want to see more complex scenes in this style.

good work.

Thanks, guys!

4go10soul: I see what you mean about the horns and the ear and the sabre. I guess i just posted it a little too soon cause i was excited about how it was coming out :smiley:

leon: thanks! Interestingly, i was going to write about the use of light and shadows in the essay I have to write to accompany my portfolio. What should the complex scene be? Another SW one? :wink:

excellent stuff, very mike mignola.

How did you use the reference images? did you trace over them? or draw from memory? i’m not sure if it qualifies as your work if you just copied out reference images… but maybe im wrong…

Traitor: on the maul one, I did trace at some points. On the Palpatine one I set the references next to the window where I was drawing and just sort of drew what I saw, and later on layered mine over them to do some touchup.
Even if they don’t count as mine, I’m not sure these are really portfolio worthy anyways :-? They do show the concept of the technique nicely though.

Great images! However I do not think they would be good for your portfolio since they aren’t original ideas or takes on the characters. They really love to see observational drawing, and figure drawing. Also usage of color in exciting ways. Although you tend to learn about color pretty early on at art college. And color is a pain to work with in paint sometimes, if you have to reproduce colors.

very nice work

i just wish i could ge the gimp running onn my comp i have an imac g5 and i downloaded the mac version and even though i installed x11 it still sais that i dont have x11 installed

oh well

ya the ear is a bit small but otherwise, great work!!