GIMP start-up Crash

When I start up gimp for the first time, it crashes when it says “looking for data file fonts” apparently this is caused by corrupt font(s) in the fonts folder, but I have checked using two different font utilities and found no corrupt fonts. Can anyone help?

I’m assuming you’re on windows. I doubt that font utilities will tell you much that is useful. They probably use with windows API for loading and working with fonts. Gimp uses the Pango and FreeType libraries to work with fonts. You may have a font that causes problems with the way one of those two libraries handles fonts, and unless the font utilities uses those two libraries, they aren’t of much use.

Try any of these:

a) If you have a font called Profont installed, remove it. It’s known to cause problems with the GIMP.

b) Delete your font cache file (.fonts.cache-1), located in your user folder (Documents and Settings).

c) Uninstall, then install the GIMP again.

Well, it’s working now, but I didn’t even have to do anything. How strange.

The magic of Open Source. [cue glittering sound effects]

WTF! I’ve just realized almost all of my fonts have disappeared! I used to have around 200, now I only have 79! One of those font programs must’ve done something without me realizing. Is there anyway I can get back the fonts?

Try doing a search for .ttf files. If they’re not found, you’ll have to download them again (and get rid of those evil font programs, if deleting fonts is all they do). If any of the missing fonts is a Windows default font, you’ll find it on the installation CD (I think).

Thanks, I did a search and found them all in a zip file in an obscure folder made by Font Agent Pro. I’ll add them back to the windows fonts folder in groups and check GIMP each time so that I can find any “bad” files if there are any.

Edit: these fonts turned out to be causing GIMP’s problem in the first place: kaff.ttf, mbmsometimes7.ttf, sonance.ttf, vayamenda antialiased.ttf and vayamenda regular.ttf. The last two weren’t even openable and the rest were all blank when I viewed them. To be honest I don’t remember ever downloading these fonts so they must’ve come with some software. If anyone else ever gets this problem you should check if you have these fonts.