GIMP team looking for help !!!

Just go to the GIMP webpage and read ‘Plans for 2.8 and beyond’ on front page:

I know it doesn’t directly Blender things… But I think the most of us also use Gimp in workflow…


This reminds me of something I read yesterday: Looks like they are trying to address some of these issues which is good.

good link and good points…I hope they get some support or more devs interest…I personally need higher bit depth and blender just can’t manipulate 32bpp images without choking…too bad…if it did, I would never need to leave my 3D app for 2d…I even paint all my seamless textures in blender(thank you “wrap”).

Most professional artists do NOT use the GIMP for reasons stated in the link that JayDez posted. Saying that, I do hope that they get themselves sorted out soon. You may find that if they fixed the 32 bit channel problem and the CMYK problem, that they might get a few more devs. Here’s wishing them all the best.

i really hope they get more devs, i personally use GIMP in my workflow and it has done a lot for me already…

its a really good program and it has potential…

It amazes me that projects like Drupal have “almost a thousand contributers” while The Gimp is down to 2.5 basically. Is it the coding environment perhaps? Hopefully all the buzz lately will get some people to jump on board.

Personnally i use GIMP often along Blender and i really like it.

It does really surprise me to learn that GIMP development team has so few contributors, i already noticed that what used to be the main GIMP board had very few activity nowadays in comparison to how very lively most Blender boards are, but i didn’t imagined it was reflected on the development team too.

I hope it will catch more interest to attract the attention of more people to help the development.
There is a lot of potential with GIMP, and with 2.8 bringing the optional single window (buggy preview of it in an early beta of GIMP 2.7.1) it should solve some problems i have with the floating ones on window OS (they never stick exactly where i want by example) i’m sure it will attract more users that are on window OS and that the floating windows may have turned away.

I just downloaded the trial of PS, and it’s so refreshing after using GIMP for a year… GIMP always felt so clumsy to use… I just used it because it’s free.
The pure power and stile of PS CS5 just splatted at my face :slight_smile:
I’d really love to see GIMP getting that good in the future.

Gimp - the software which never matured.
I am not stating that I am Photoshop lover - I mainly actually use a different paint / image tool
which is faster and snappier then Photoshop but Gimp never made me feel comfortable.

Gimp is painfully slow with bigger images and the interface is not very intuitive.
The lack of CMYK further more limits the usage to specific areas.

I am not sure about the reason for such a low amount of devs since I assumed that such
a popular product would attract many. Maybe the never fixed limitations of Gimp for
some reason also make it not so attractive to look into - i dont know.

Why spend time on something when it is not that greatly used compared to other products.

Similar thing with Inkscape - 50% this Software is terrific and the other 50% (Interface issues)
make it not look like a serious Illustration tool but more a well experiment - and I really think
that for years Inkscape had far superior path tools than Adobe Illustrator till they bought Macromedia
and copied the Freehand code.

I believe the main problem for GIMP attracting users, before the technical limitations that appear to you when you use it for a long time is primarly on the interface design.

In term of interfacing, MyPaint is a great example for unobstructive and intuitive interface, though it’s specialised for painting, not really image manipulating, it’s the same interface spirit as Sculptris : it works very well by giving more focus on the artist than to the program itself

Paint.NET is a great example of a free alternative to photoshop in term of interfacing, the only problem is that it’s windows specific and exclude other OS users, but the program is very intuitive and the interface if i overlook some transparency reminds a lot of the very solid and easy to work with “photoshop 7” GUI that i used several years ago.

For GIMP, despite i like it and use it for textures, the floating panels are not working very well on Windows OS, it was obviously made for Linux OS from what i’ve been told that is said to manage floating windows better.

Hopefully with the introduction of the single window mode in the future incoming version, GIMP will begin to become more appealing on a Window OS, and it being optional it will keep the current users that are liking the floating windows.
But the main result is that it should possibly attract then more users by having a more classic and appealing interface, and with more GIMP users it would certainly mean some more developers coming.

And with more developers, hopefully the technical current limitations may find some solutions

crazy how much an interface can make you give up . . .

I worked with Inkscape for a long time, then taught Illustrator and after that was shocked at Inkscape
when I came back.

I can see that this also is a big issue.

Pixelmator is also not a real Photoshop killer but it works well fast and is very usable.

It’s not crazy. The interface is the way you interact with a tool. GIMP ignores it’s users feedback, users leave, project ends up where it is.

But isnt that sad to see?

This software could be so much?

Instead of spending time on the new effect system
I would rather clean the foundation first.

Floating toolbars and palettes are no longer preferred these days. Even Adobe gave them up in favor of dockability.

You guys should really try the 2.7.1 builds - the single window interface is such an upgrade - it makes gimp a joy to use.

Windows Builds here:

What am I missing? I downloaded and installed it, and it’s still split in three floating windows.

It amazes me that projects like Drupal have “almost a thousand contributers” while The Gimp is down to 2.5 basically
They are quite different projects. The former is used by lot of sites, big companies and corporations (BBC for instance), and the user base is hugue. The second is desktop software used mainly by the same kind of people that uses Blender. Big difference.

But isnt that sad to see? This software could be so much?
Why? If the Gimp does not have the features you need, just use something else. Taking into account that the Gimp developers are volunteers, I think that what
they have achieved along the years is great. It is a software that fulfills 99% of my needs, and that’s the point of the GIMP for many people. If you are comparing them with the Blender project, I’m sorry to inform you that in fact the Blender project is rather an unique case, and there is not a single model for FOSS project development. Some FOSS projects are used by corporations and get support from them too, some others can count on a third entity that sell support or creative content to boost development, and then there is a hugue lot of small and not so small FOSS projects that depend only on the generosity of their developers and users. Expecting from them more than what they can actually achieve is a bit unfair. FOSS is what it is, take it or leave it.

GIMP ignores it’s users feedback, users leave, project ends up where it is.
GIMP has no place for users to contribute their ideas.
GIMP then ignores the users’ ideas.


CMYK will be forever ignored by the GIMP.
CMYK will again be ignored forever by the GIMP.

They should have added “Single Window Mode” sooner, that’s what i think. There are a few things that can make an opensource project dead:

1. Most devs care about functionality, it’s the nature of the job, with UI usually left behind as less important. Blender had a “bad interface reputation” in the past, but it was still somewhat manageable. GIMP’s on the other hand was a real “piece of work”… Opensource projects have to listen to what their users want, like the BF does. Otherwise this happens.

2. Another factor for not having enough devs in an OSS project is complexity - if a task is too complicated to do, often times the project will suffer from lack of attention, because it’s not easy to “deliver the goods” frequently enough. Such is the case with React OS - one of my favourite OSS projects, but also a monumental task.

Hopefully once GIMP 2.8 comes out there will be more interest - it’s a shame to have so much useful work gone to waste. I know i’ll be giving GIMP a second (or rather, 5th) chance when i try out the SingleWindow mode.

I think it should die, something as awesome as mypaint should spawn form it. the app name is awful. the app icon looks like a stoned dog. :slight_smile:
the single window looks nice. but for me on mac, to run gimp OSX need to start X11. it feels so old and crappy and takes forever.

do it over, and do it right.

there should be a painter app, using blenders entire GUI but still separated app.