gimp transparancy...

what file im gimp that supports transparency in BGE? ive tried evrything i just cant figur it out

plz help!


PNG, and TGA are supported in both gimp and blender. the faces you UV map the image onto must be set to alpha, in the edit panel for the alpha masking to work.

oh… i hadnt thought of that… thnx! ill try that then

dang…i cant get it to work… can u show me to a tut?

It’s just in face select mode there are settings for each face, at the bottom. 2 sided, alpha, that stuff. Also I think having a material set to z-transparent will give you face sorting(?)

oooh… thnx bookeater! i tried using z-transparent and it worked! thank you again for da help evrybody!


I made a tutorial on simple alpha masking from gimp to blender, you can find it here: