GIMP tutorials?

I’ve seen a ton of tutorials for Photoshop, but not many for GIMP. Does anyone know where to find some quality ones for GIMP?

(I find it sort of ironic that on an open source site, the least open source program is getting more tutorials than the open source one.)

Lol just thought I would brain spew right there.

Pixel2lifehas a few.

Once you get good at Gimp, you can easily use the Photoshop tuts, so people who could write good Gimp tutorials don’t really see the need to reinvent the wheel, I guess. I used to search long and hard for Gimp specific tutorials, and did find a few, but the good ones are rare.

I’d suggest finding a Photoshop tutorial that does what you want to do, and see if you can follow it in Gimp. It’s easier than you might think. Irony isn’t dead after all. :eyebrowlift2:

There’s a list in the traditional forum under artwork, it’s sticky so no need to search.

Plenty of tutorials there.

Orinoco posted that link 2 posts up…btw.

sorry didnt read his post theres many its not hard to find tuts anyway

ttry using what you know from gimp and see if you can match whats on photoshop tuts