Gimp video tuorial - now available

Hi, I am making a series of video tutorials on Gimp. This is part1 in the series.
I hope that it will be useful to you, despite its shortcommings in narration. :wink:

NOTE: You have to register at in order to download.


sorry but the link is down :frowning:

sorry but the link is down icon_frown.gif

The whole blenderman is down :wink:
Well actually I can’t do any thing about it unless some one wants to mirror this tutorial too.

Sorry guys


I will host it on my site.
I have a new more organized look coming in a couple of days anyway. I want to start adding some blender resources to the site.

Nathaniel Shaw has rigged the sphere man character for blender so it will be added too.

Just let me know how to get it and i will upload it.

Thanks! :slight_smile: I will try to upload it at yousendit and will send you the links.