Gimp with manga studio

wow, ive rescently bought the dvd sold on the blender site called chaos & evolutions, and i just needed to get this out here, i think its an amazing video and Gimp is an amazing program to use. in Just two days of learning i managed to come up with this, and although its not perfect its a start, and who knows, I got another program called Manga Studio and it will help me turn my characters into a story board,

So everyone meet the star of my manga =] Prince Keba


Welcome Prince Keba.

There’s a section in this forum call traditional - you may wish to submit this piece there as well.

Nice image by the way. Plenty of detail, good shading.

The lopsided anatomy lets it down some, as with the eyes.

Kia Oraz!

awww thanks for moving my thread i didnt know where to put it thats why i stuck with off topic xD didnt see the Traditional artwork one, glad you liked it, and i know some of the anatomy let it down, but i was kinda concentrating on getting a feel for it, i only started like two days ago, started with a mouse, then ordered one of those electronic pen things to draw with, and it just hit me how great the program is once you know how to use it

No worries - I moved it because more folks here can comment on it.

Have a great day!

@kbot you are a nice man, but you should be honest!

your model is out of perspective you should study more of perspective books so you can get the outline right, and about the painting you need enough cleaning before the painting.
about the lighting though, it shouldn’t be half shadow & half light you need to rotate your light to the third at least and add some rim’s.
and sorry for the hard critic :), i’m also trying to study some drawing tutorials.:wink:

No worries i like critic, but where lighting was concerned i was going for a dark look, as the opening scene its late at night the only light they have is coming through a window, suddenly a flash of lightning hits, the light on the picture signifies that moment xD was planning on doing another one but where its day time and he is outside =]
Also im aware now of the bad proportions ;o and after studying it a bit more im wondering is it because the legs are too short and thats what makes it look so un proportional, looking at the 3rd video on the dvd it does say that between the top of his head and the bottom of his foot half way should be around the groin area.
So do you think if i change the length of his legs, that would fix most of his proportions?

ok here is an update to my previous image ;o this is Prince Keba from multiple angles, no need for color just yet