(PlantPerson) #1

Anyone have any experience with GIMP on XP?

:slight_smile: :smiley:

(mrunion) #2

I use it on XP occasionally. What were you after?

(PlantPerson) #3

So it didn’t hurt your computer or anything? I’ve been worried about installing it for a long time because I was afraid it would hurt my computer.

(wavk) #4

I’m running it on 2k, no problem here. Exept that the windows version screws up with tablets:(

Have fun,


(digitalSlav) #5

hurt? shakes head

been running it on xp since xp came out. no problems at all.

(Zweistein) #6

I run it on WinXP, too.
There were no problems at all

(Piraniac) #7

I haven’t had any problems. Doesn’t like my tablet through.