ok…maybe this is in the wrong forum, and if it is: mods, please move it.

ok i just d/l’d the GIMP and i dont know where to start. i was going to start making uv maps for all of my mesh’s, but i dont even know hot to load an image into gimp! could someone provide me with a good tut, or just explain to me how? or at least a uv mapping tut that show’s the basics of the GIMP. thx ahead of time.


thank you mods…

You should maybe look at the GIMP pages first… :wink:

what i just did was expieriment…as far as loading the image, just select file, then “open” and then find the file…

ok i figured out hwo to do a couple things…i think i have the basic jist of it, but i dont know what this program is really capable of. i think ill just expirament for a while and see what i can come up with.

ok um…i think i can get myself around now…but…how do i load a new image into a new layer? i need to add a rust image, to anotehr image i made in gimp. so how do i insert the rust image into gimp? but not into a whole new window, i just need it to be in another layer

  1. Copy source image
  2. Paste into destination image
  3. Make the floating layer a new layer by pressing the new layer button in the layers tab.

saweet :slight_smile: thanks!! :smiley: