Is it possible to do what this guy does in photoshop
from 16:55 18:00 in gimp?
The coloring inside a selection in real time and inner glow.
If someone could lead me to some texturing in gimp tut that would be cool too. Plz and thank you

Ok, because I have posted some links to the Gimp-Help documentation the board-software not only denied the entry but deleted the complete text and all links on my machine!

Here comes the short reply then:

It is possible!

Just refer to
and add this link trailer to the following snippets (omitting the “…” of course ) and adding “html” as a trailer !
(I hope this works)

The path tool can be found here:

After converting the path into a selection just shrink and grow the selection by some pixels.
… gimp-selection-shrink.

This is how it would look like shrinking an growing by 20 pixel:

The select a dark green and fill the selection with the fill-bucket:

After applying the glow-filter:

you are finished:

HTH and hopefully this one is accepted by the server-rules ;-(

Wow! exactly what I needed! Alot of good info and a reference. Thank you so much!