Will be using my copy of Gimp a lot more now that it looks like this. :evilgrin:


I use a dark color like this since long time because GIMP uses my dark KDE theme. But with those icons I’m a little lost, luckily you can still choose Legacy icon theme :smiley:
Anyway none of this seems a big problem, supposedly long ago that there was some ‘photoshop’ like icon themes out there.

The icons don’t particularly bother or, for that matter, interest me because I mostly choose tools by keyboard shortcut anyway. But, I’ve tried a Nightly a few days ago and the performance was quite, quite terrible and my DDS im-/exporter crashes upon launch. I have, of course, all the confidence in the world that the developers will sort that one out, 2.9 is, after all, a test release.
The colour theme I am no fan of, but that shouldn’t be a problem for more than a few minutes post update. Apart from that it doesn’t really seem particularly different if you ask me (not that you would), so that update for now gets a solid “eh, whatever” from me.

I got too good at Gimp so on this machine it wasn’t installed to encourage use of Krita.

Who uses the gimp toolbar anyway?