GimPhoto GimPad 1.1 released

GimPad is formerly known as GimPhoto Desktop.

GimPad is rewritten from scratch to use different and better approach to integrate GimPhoto’s scattered windows and also improve it’s adaptation with GimPhoto window behaviors.

GimPad 1.1 changes over GimPhoto Desktop 1.0 is:

  • BETTER ToolBox and Tool Panel “Always on Top” behavior (NEW)
  • Arrange New Panel Layout or Resize Panel directly as usual (NEW)
  • SMALL Memory usage, around 5Mb - 6Mb (NEW)
  • DRAG and DROP is Fully Functional (NEW)
  • STABLE and FAST Performace (NEW)
  • NO Memory Leaks anymore (BUG FIX)
  • NO Panel slide up or slide down (BUG FIX)

for download just go to

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

Love the sound of it. Can’t wait for some screenies on the site and a Linux version…

Sounds cool. But when will we get Gimphoto for Windows based on 2.4.6 ?
If not, can zenith make GimPad working with Gimp too (atm it works only with Gimphoto), please?

Looks coo, but what is the difference between GimPad and GimPhoto?

sorry i still busy working on GimPhoto for Linux and GimPad new version.
btw, i will never use latest version of GIMP to develop GimPhoto, sorry but i don’t want to steal attention from GIMP dev. team, they deserve more attentions, they had done great job with bring many new features to GIMP so we must support them.

i only using older GIMP version for develop GimPhoto, like now, if i will work on the new version of GimPhoto then i will use GIMP 2.4.5 not 2.4.6, so if you want to use latest version of GIMP then use GIMP.

about GimPad for GimPhoto and GIMP, i’m sorry but i have very limited resources because my daily works and also my family activities so for now i only can make GimPad for GimPhoto.

GimPhoto is GIMP modification with new menu layout and packed with many plugins but the interface is just like GIMP, scattered windows all over the desktop :slight_smile:

GimPad is application that can automatically run GimPhoto and also hosted all scattered windows to single MDI window interface, just like Photoshop. (you can run GimPhoto without GimPad, but you can’t run GimPad without GimPhoto, GimPad is only a utility to improve GimPhoto user usability)

Ah, I knew Gimp… I gonna use GimPad(+GP), I hated that stupid windowed-app…on linux and windows.

Is the project dead or alive? I haven’t heard any news for a while.

it’s alive and going well… (^___^)=b
i just released GimPhoto 1.4.3 for Linux (after long 8 months dev time) and now i will update the website, write manual and tutorial for GimPhoto and also working on the next version of GimPad.

oh, if you still want to use GimPad with GIMP at, someone called Gimper has tutorial about it, check this:

um not exactly an issue per say but parts of gimphoto/gimpad uninstall .exe is suddenly being detected as viruses(Trojan horse BackDoor.Generic10.KJH by AVG everything seems ok just need to know if anybody else is getting this…i.e. if I should continue to ignore it…

Does this apply also to standard GIMP release mcbeth?

no sorry don’t use standard gimp I think it’s false positive because it’s specifically gimphoto/gimpad uninstall .exe’s’ and nothing else, I have an unusual setup both 2000 and XP installed, XP for games, 2000 for everything else…don’t ask;). at any one time only one install is visible, after updating Avg on XP which I hardly ever use these days"not much gaming" it’s reported as a virus there too.

sorry for very late responses, i’ve been little bit busy lately.
GimPhoto installer is using NSIS installer much like Winamp, try to check if Winamp installer suffer the same problem.