GimPhoto Source Code released

After long delayed because so much trouble under Linux, and until now i still can’t compile GimPhoto under Linux. So i decided to release the source code with the hope that somebody will be able to compile it for Linux or MacOS X.

for download go to

Thank’s newt for remind me (^___^)v

It is great that you are still working on this project.Looking forward possible next releases. You are doing really great job!

PS: I have reentyl found that ideasman has coded high pass filer for GIMP which is very useful for 2d textures correction. Here is the script - and here is the thread where this was mentioned -
It may be very useful to add this to next GimPhoto release.

i already knew about ideasman script but i also found hpf plugin which based on c, so i chose hpf because i thought it faster than script based high-pass filter.

it already included at GimPhoto 1.4.3, access from Menu > Photo > Photo Tools > High Pass…

Thank you, great to know this feature has been already in :slight_smile: