I’m sure many are aware, and many are not. I found one topic containing the words gimpshop by search, so I thought I’d bring this up.

As I’m getting deeper into my learning of Blender, my needs for the GIMP are about to increase immensely. The problem learning GIMP is that there aren’t as many resources and tutorials available as there are for something like, say, Photoshop. Like hell I’m shelling out $600 for that . . .

GIMPshop restructures the windows in GIMP to closely resemble that of Photoshop’s menus. Since there’s a lot more info about using Photoshop, this can make it much easier to learn different techniques and tools. There’s some comparison photos on the main site, which is linked right about here:

GIMPshop for Windows.

Hope someone finds this useful.

Yup, that’s very useful thanks!

It doesn’t seem to be very stable (at least on Win) at the moment, but when I manage to get my Gentoo up to speed this will make the transition a lot easier.



Apparantly it’s not to great of a mod.

after i learnt u can right click, navigate through menus and click the dotted line a the top to turn it intoa floating panel, it’s been better than photoshop ^^