Ginger Bread Man

I’m using one of thise tutorials from the manual to learn blender. It’s called
“Your first animation in 30 + 30 minutes”. Now, last night, I stayed up all night and got pretty far into the tutorial. Now, I’m doing it over cause I messed it up, and I can’t make his legs. When I go to extrude his legs (in mirror mode) they come straight down connected, and I can’t make them split like I did last night and like it says in the tutorial. I unchecked “do clipping”, just like it said, and I still can’t fix it. I remember there was some trick to making his legs separate, but I must have forgotten.

Also, I have one more problem. Last night, I looked at how it said to texture the ginger bread man (named “guss” by the author of the tutorial)
and I can’t seem to find the right panel. I looked just under the right heading that the tutorial’s picture shows, but there is no such button as “Add new” under “materials” that I can see. I’m probably making some stupid n00b mistake, but it’s really frustraigting. I would also like to know out right whether or not I can import a *.bmp file as a texture and use it to skin an object. pretty please, someone help?

So maybe you have the movement constrained along an axis. Click with the middle mouse button to remove the constraint.

Do you have a “Links and Pipeline” Panel? The options went there in version 2.42. If you already have a material, you can use that.

A *.bmp would be unwise because of the size, but of course you can use an image as a texture (png, jpg, tga …). For characters this is normally done with a method called UV-Mapping.

UV-Mapping looks a bit complicated at first, but it’s pretty much straightforward. For a visual example of UV-Mapping “Gus” see:Überblick
(Sorry it’s in german and the texture is really ugly…)

If you don’t need so much control, you can use different methods of texturing, see:

Hope that helps.