Ginger Bread Tut

I have a question about the gingerbread tut
wheres the Menu Button

heres a screen shot


If you’re looking for the list of vertex groups, open the rollout menu just under “Vertex Groups” in the Links and Materials panel (where it says something like “llow lwg” in your screenshot).

ok when i click select all vertices are selected and when i deselect any of them and click remove it doesnt work when i click select again
i guess i dont understand how to do this

and this

this is what happens when i click select


can anyobody help me?!

What kind of video card do you have?
I am using a 4mb card while my replacement 256mb is replaced
& vertice selection is affected?
This may not be the problem at all.
You push “B” twice & LMB or MMB toselect or de-select & this doesn’t work?

Arabian Knight you really got to explain your questions a lot clearer. You’re always very vague.

Like Airxart said, you have to box select the vertices to the bones you want first. But Arabian Knight then you have to hit the “Assign” button. I think that’s what you’re forgetting to do.

And Don’t hit the “Remove” button, unless you want to start all over again.

Some people don’t speak English well. Calm down Mr. Ozzie.

um i live in the usa and speak english well its just that i have a tendency to fall short
ok so what im asking is after i click select or assign whatever its called all the vertices are selected
so am i supposed to deselect the not needed vertices and then what do i click?
tell me if im falling short again

Mia Culpa. Sorry N-Gon and Arabian Knight didn’t mean to come out so harsh.

Arabian Knight, it looks like you assigned all the vertices correctly. However, looking at your Armature, you don’t have bones for the Body nor one for the Head, this could be your problem.

I suggest with the Armature, go into edit mode and add at least 2 bones in the middle of the body area (i.e HiBody, LoBody), so he can bend at the waist.

Now select the Ginger man Mesh and go into edit mode. With the Mesh still selected in F9, go to the “Vertex Group” area and click “New”. Delete the “Group” word that pops up and give it the name of the new bone(i.e HiBody).

Now first, make sure all vertices are deselected and then box select the vertices you want to assign to this particular bone in the 3D area, and back in the “Vertex Group” area hit “Assign”.

Now press deselect in “Vertex Group” area, and go onto the next bone (i.e LoBody) and do the same.

And the way you go to the next bone, is in the “Vertex Group” area there’s a tiny up/down arrow. Press that and browse for the bone you want.

And I almost forgot, do the same process for the head bone. Good Luck!

so i add the two bones then click vertex group select the vertices for each group and click assign
then clic deselect and move on to the other bones and so on…
thank you very much ill post any questions that i might have later on

but right now i have to download blender again
my dad deleted it

im very sorry but can you please show me how by steps and arrows
please im in despair
or can anyone else help me ut too?


why cant abyone help me!!!

ive got a gingerbreadman done!

you can analze it its at the site in this post

but what im asking is how to rig him
good jb thou

never mind ive found a tutorial at res farm and it helped out