Ginger Land: Constructive Criticism Appreciated!

Any one got some good ideas how I could make this better. I made it last minute for the Blender Guru Christmas Competition in 6 days which really wasn’t long enough at least for me to do all that great.
I am not great at composting, so any composting ideas would be helpful.
Feel free to be very critical as that is what I am looking for. :slight_smile:

I was thinking re-rendering in cycles and better Composting might do the trick. Any opinions on that?

Neat concept, maybe you could make the actual gingerbread a bit lighter, a blue, low power hemi lamp might help as well, I like your candy canes, mind me asking how you make those?
Nice scene!

Perhaps the night must be more brighter since there is a giant blue moon. The snow could be more brighter too since you can do it with glass sugar :slight_smile:
Yeah cycles will help.

Yummy scene!.

To make the candy cane, I extruded from half a torus edited it in proportional edit mode UV unwrapped it and used a the procedural wood texture.

ginger houses should be brownihs i guess not black
why we don’t see snow on all roofs ?

but overall nice set up bright colors
looking very nice

should even look better in cycles

happy 2.6

It does look odd with some of the roofs snow-less. The ones that aren’t covered with frosting would probably look better with a dusting of snow on them. The roofs are decorated with frosting though, and I wanted the roofs to have different styles hence the inconsistent look.

where are the pale skinned red head kids? sorry couldn’t resist :smiley:

i think its something in the meterial of the houses but they look like theyre pasted into the scene not rendered

pale skinned red head kids? Hu? lol

I think the modeling and concept are good, but the scene could use a better lighting setup.

Every object currently has a uniform light applied to it (from some seemingly unknown light source) making most of the objects feel 2D-ish and “pasted in.”

Think with shadows enabled and some well placed light sources it could really boost the renders appeal.

(Must have been some Christmas party. That ginger bread man in the bottom left looks pretty wasted.)

Here Is an update that I am now pretty happy with the looks of.
Thanks for all your thoughts on improving this! I took them all into consideration when changing it. :slight_smile:
The blender community is definitely the best.