Gingerbread Dance | Eevee Animation

Some additional information about the animation:

It was rendered with Eevee in Blender 2.91. Each frame was rendered out as a 2k (2560x1440 px). PNG file with all the Eevee bells and whistles enabled and tweaked for a balance between quality and performance. We have Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Depth of Field, Subsurface Scattering, Screen Space Reflections, and high-bitdepth soft shadow maps (4096 px), and motion blur all enabled here.

This animation consists of 3100 frames at a frame rate of 60 fps. It was rendered using a single Nvidia RTX 2070 Super card, and even at the larger 2k scale, each frame only took around 9 seconds per frame to render. It’s not quite as good looking as Cycles, but I thought the results were decent enough to justify using Eevee here instead.

Hope you enjoy it and have a VERY Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for all the support this year.


Hi Luxxeon!
I like your short animation, the dance moves are natural. Well done!

I absolutely don’t want to despise your work, but I think I recognize assets that I’ve shared on BlendSwap. They are published under CC-0 license so it is normal that they are not credited, that is not the purpose of my remarks ^^.
What I mean is that, if so, I am extremely glad to see that they’ve been useful! :relaxed:

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Absolutely! I completely forgot to mention that in the credits. Originally, this was just an exercise in testing my rig for my gingerbread character, but as things progressed it went on to become this little scene. I am ashamed I did not credit your wonderful free scene file. I will remedy that immediately. Unfortunately, I can not edit the credits at the end, but I will put a link to your free scene file in the video description. I’m very happy you mentioned this because I just completely forgot to credit the use of your kitchen scene here. Thank you for that! I will fix that in the description on Youtube within the hour.

No problem! I can forget also to credit some people in my works so I understand. ^^
Thank you again for using it! :smile:

Thank you, my friend! Your scene really came in very handy for this clip. I had a few kitchen props modeled, but I came across your scene when I uploaded my candy canes freebie to Blendswap and thought it would make a perfect scene for the gingerbread guy to play around in. Surprisingly I saw you had a cookie sheet included with your set! I had made a cookie sheet with a custom procedural shader for my gingerbread character, but I wish I had thought about using the wax paper you made with yours. That was a nice touch!

Anyway, great work, and thanks again! Have a Happy Holidays, and let’s hope the new year is one of good health and success for us all.

“Thanks for sharing with us, both of you!” Merry!!