GingerBread Man: Design and Rendering does not match?

Hi all,

I was trying out the gingerbreadman tutorial and I noticed
two things:

  1. Rendering of the design of gbman (which appears smooth
    and rounded) appears rough and has an octagoned head. Why
    is that?

  2. Rendering shows a blue background as opposed to the grey
    and light-shadowed image. Again, why?


  1. The gingerman is actually modeled using cubes as I remember with subsurf on to make it rounded. Make sure the second value after subsurf is the same as the first. The first is how it appears in the 3d window and the second is how it will be calculated at render time.

  2. The blue background is the world color and can be changed in the world settings.

Things in the 3d window do not always appear exactly as they will be rendered.