Gingerbread man strangeness

Hi again,

I’m currently creating a gingerbread man after I found a tutorial on the net. I’m part way through it but after rendering the model I can see there is something wrong with my version.

What would have caused the model to look like this and, can it be rectified?

Hope you can help,



You have a duplicate of the body mesh. The overlapping faces from the duplicate causes “Z fighting” in the render. In Edit mode select All (press A) and then press W / Remove doubles.


Thanks for the reply DichotomyMatt that seems to have solved that problem.

After I rectified that I applied a material to the model and assigned a gingerbread-like colour to it and everything seemed fine. I then added a texture to this material to give the gingerbread guy a rough look but the material turned pink!

How could the texture change the colour of the material?



By default all textures get added with a magenta color. Someone else asked this same question a few weeks ago. If I remember correctly, there are two or three textures added to Gus. One is set to Nor for making him bumpy and one is set to Hard to add the little shinny specs on him. Make sure that the Col button is not select for any of the textures.

Hi DichotomyMatt,

Thanks again.

I only have one texture at the moment and am unable to locate the Texture ‘Col’ button (although I’m sure I have seen it’.

Any tips or pointers?



It is located in the Material Buttons in the Map To box. It is the very first entry in the top row on the left.