Gingerbread man

I know this may sound like silly question but does anyone have the blender file for the gingerbread man tutorial?

nobody has the file?

If you walk through the tutorial you’ll get something like it. What do you need it for?

I just re-visited the GingerBread Man tutorial. I remember doing that as my first animation experiment.

Version 2.4x of Blender is coming out and I believe that it is time to update or make a new “Animation Tutorial”.

So, I am pondering on the idea of making a tutorial, my style. Kind of like the Soda Can tutorial.

You should, the soda can tutorial was kickass. The more tutorials the merrier!

Nice one if you can update it the better and the merrier :slight_smile:

The old gingerbread tut shows you everything you need but idd outdated.
Make use of the modifiers, like the mirror etc.
Or even constraints.