I made it following the blender documentation here, and personally I think mine looks more like a cookie. I wasn’t sure about the lighting.

From the documentation:

Heh, I made him too when I was learning Armatures. Have you added the armatures yet?

Ahh good 'ol gingerbread man. Good tutorial. You learn alot from that.

Turn down Spec on gingerbread man, and decrease energy of lamp.

Its gus! i think yours needs a bigger head.

The arm bit is a bit too straight as in i can see the linear one. Where as the documentations one is not so obvious like the others have suggest turn down the energy.

Good work at least you did better than my first attemp lol

What? If you follow the steps exactly as described in the User Guide, it will look exactly like the example in the User Guide. How hard can that be?

I followed as close as possible and check all the numbers for the different setting and everything.

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but what say we all bring out our old Gus images? They could be interesting to see.

Good idea. Mine:

Copied off shreks, “Gingy”. :wink:

perhaps we should start and thread and make it sticky?

I got a question…

When i make my gingerbread man…after i get tot the part where i’m suposed to make hin a bit thicker…he’s alredy really fat.

and i don’t know what to do i did everything what the tutorial said and he’s still so fat that he take’s up 2 blocks in thickness

how do i make him thinner…or what did i do wrong to get him so thick?

plz answear…

just click on the hand button to activate the widgets, choose the scaling widget, and use the handle that points along the axis you wish to scale him along. also you can type ‘N’ and use numerical input if you prefer. another way would be to go into side view>>edit mode>>wire draw mode>>Bkey to select the back vertices>>Gkey to grab and move, or, use the positioning widget.

thx man really helped.

it’s almost compleate…i’m just piled with homework…

Haha classic.


—Beautiful…but strangely folded on the left side, isn’t it?

it walked! ( :o long white night)

My anisotropic gus made using ramp shaders and procedural textures in 2.37a. He looks great as he walks and the colours swirl all over the place.


Hmmm… The shadow doesn’t seem to match up with the model.


Hmmm… The shadow doesn’t seem to match up with the model.[/quote]

Yea, I just noticed that too.

That has to be intentional.