Of course it was intentional, IMO anyway. Gus is offering a sweet rose to his shadow, and it is greeting him with opens arms… :slight_smile:

Here was my Gus…

I made a few minor changes when following the tutorial to make it look slightly better. It turned out pretty good IMHO.

I just have two questions. Everything that wasn’t part of Gus’s body object (eyes, mouth & buttons) doesn’t move with the animations. How can you attach them to the animation?

It mentions that you can make an object move along a path while it’s animating. How can you do this?


Either you join the meshes (ctrl+j, you will have to mess with the vertex groups some) or you parent them to the stomach bone (ctrl+p).

Edit: Didn’t see your other question.
Space -> add -> curve -> path
Rearrange the curve as you want, add more controlpoints by subdividing (w), exetruding (e) or pressing ctrl+LMB.
select the first controlpoing of the path, shift+s -> cursor to selection.
Editing buttons (f9)-> Curve and surface -> centre cursor.
Select object that should move -> shift+s -> selection to cursor.
Shift+select path -> Ctrl+p -> Follow path
Alt+a to view animation.