Gingy from Shrek (WIP)


I’m new here, so first of all: hello Blender-people.

I’m working a project, Gingy from Shrek (Just love that character!).
It can’t compete with the most things I saw around here, but I’m pretty new with Blender (and 3d in general).
Click for HD.

I think the scene is a bit to empty…but I’ll find something what fits there.:wink:

Let the comments come! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the blender community! Good start on the model.
The model looks a little bit too flat for my taste and the sugar decoration looks like it is floating which is probably do to missing shadows. What is the light setup for your scene?

nice job, some sss would be nice . rigged would be even better.

Welcome to the community!

That scene is very good and has a nice warm feeling to it. The main spot that could be improved is where the head connects to the body (right now it appears to be two separate meshes). I would join them together so there is no seam there.

Also, very nice grass!

the grass around gingy looks like its blowing…like if there was a helichopper(spelling) above him…it prolly just the light but i think it cool… and for the gum drops i would make them sugary

Welcome! you recognise him in an instant! maybe he’s not perfect, but I’ll bet you the pro version’s got more complexity than his shape would suggest.
Definitely a good, clean start.

Hi! Welcome. A friendly purple smurf would be a great pal for Gus there in the picture. You know, one with a white floppy hat…and a coookie in his hand…

Thanks, everybody for the helpful comments. :wink:
I made some changes, but the lights I haven’t changed…next time, when I have the time for it.
The grass was in the previous render better (in my opinion), so I’ll change that too.

I don’t have the time, right now, but it is a Work In Progress. :wink:

Like Lilgrudgeboy said, I want the sugar on the cookie looks more sugary…but I’ve no idea how I could achieve that. Any suggestions?

a nice bump map and increasing reflectivity (a tiny bit) will help with this alot. Not only will the bump map produce the grainular things you see (the sugar crystals), but the reflectivity of these bumps would make them appear to “glint” in the right light with the contrasting shadows (again caused by the bump map)

Looks good so far, but I think his arms and legs are to long and skinny, and he is to thin. Eg.

@maul2: Could be, but I’m not really copping Gingy from Shrek, I based it on it. :wink:

I made some changes, I think it’s a good improvement.
The grass is also more normal than the previous version I posted here.
Only the mountain…I’m not totally happy with that. A little bit more realistic would be better, but how do I do that?:spin:

Suggestions are always welcome. :wink: