GiNO - BattleMech Warrior [new stuff]

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Animation’s ready (see thread)


DivX 5.0.2 - 640 x 512, 18s 2.44Mb Best seen with DivX player.




P.S. Much thanks to Acasto for web space!!!

P.P.S. There’s a shadow artifact… sob :frowning:

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Ehm… hi Stefano. Seems it’s impossible to download your animation.

UPDATED- Now it works!


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WOOOW! E’ bellissima!
WOOOW! It’s really beautiful!
I like the model, the way it moves and the effects of bullets and shots.
Very cool!

What about a tutorial?


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bellissimo 8)

really great work!!!


p.s. sai come lasciare le impronte ?

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does my reply have to be in italian???



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The one thing that really stood out though was how incridbly slow it was. I expected something that sleek to go tearing down the landscape.

(bg3D) #7

Hey S68, thats just real cool. 8)

(BgDM) #8

Now that was just awesome!

Great work.

I agree that it should have maybe been a bit faster, but it was still great.


(Ecks) #9

Really cool!
One thing tought:
It seem to fly…or maybe they are very powerfull leg? lol

anyway nice work! I would really like if you make a tut on how you make the bullet effect ejecting from the gun… :smiley:

(stephen2002) #10

looks good…clearly slow-mo.

My question is why does it have that little “leg” on the nose if it looks like it can use the back two legs to do everything without the help of the front one?

(digitalSlav) #11

aw VERY nice! the tail has a funny jerk in the first jump… did you use particles for the red flashes?

(S68) #12

Thanx to all… now, for questions & comments…

To leav trails… Well I didn’t care because camera is very low, but I think yhat can be done two ways:

1 - Only texture - have a texture with the footprint appear

2 - more sophistuicate. Make two meshes, the untouched land and the stomp. Stomp is of course hidden by the first. Have the Alpha of the first drop down abruptly while the foot creates the stomp… voilà (this is French :stuck_out_tongue: )

You are perfectly right… and bullet case too falls too slowly… Well… I can try to do better… or try to fool you saying that GiNO is on a low gravity asteroid (with atmosphere :o ) That’s why he’s so slow in movements 8)

Hehe… very simple… you place an extremely small plane within the gun, with the normal in the right direction. YOu make a particle emitter with a start and an end for emission… and FEWER particles than that interval is long.

I made 1 particle every 3 frame (this is 25/3 about 8 rounds per sec. fairly realistic) with the maximum possible NORM and zero RAND It took me more time to have the shells ejected randomly…

Real awful thing was to have emitters move sincronously with gun, since Armatures doesn’t wor like you expect with particle emitters (a, yes, some smoke here and there)

It gives GiNO a greater stability while firing, so accuracy is greately enhanced 8)

Mmmmm… must re-view first jump… red flashes? The one on sensor tentacles are single vertexes with star halo. The one beyond the nose grid is a moving blend texture, the muzzle flashes (which are orange, actually) are single vertexes halos AND sincronized lamps.

Thanx again for commenting


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Nice! :smiley:
I can send you a *.mp4 version (656k) for the low bandwidth people, everyone should see this.

(Alltaken) #14

yes!!! yes a low bandwidth option is always nice.

i try to put one one every one of my animation posts.
it takes me longer but more people see it. (i think)

not bad still got alot of work to do!
just fixing small things but they take the longest.

Animation is hard to get right.

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Thanx for your kind words and offering, and thank you too alltaken. Your idea is good, I didn’t realizad 2.5M was too much.

I prepared a 2:1 reduction with lower quality (492kb), still with DivX, here

And, for Kino here’s what I mean with my method 2 (see above message) to leave footprints (DivX 5.0.2 -320x256, 442kb)


<edit>wronk links :frowning: </edit>

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it’s a little hard work with more than 2 foot, but
yes this is super-cool, now you MUST write a tutorial :slight_smile:
not only the note on the forum :wink:

after a car footprint, more difficult :wink:

many thank’s


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Mmm… not today :wink:

Naaa… this I can try to do today (and render overnight :o )


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hehe, not a linear i hope :smiley:


(S68) #19

Of course :wink:


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:smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: (HAHAHA)
Just had to tell you that I REALLY love the way your little Mech gets shot.