Gino House

I did this project for a friend. This house is about 7000 sq.ft., sitting right on the river near Montreal, with an indoor pool.

I decided I need to learn how to do night scenes, since I love the look and feel of tungsten bulbs against moonlight, so I went that route instead of an (arguably) easier sunlight shot (I know there are day shots and then Day Shots, but I mean just plopping down a sun lamp and turning on VraySky). I think it turned out OK, though it’s something to work on!

Thanks for watching!

DXF Importer > Blender > Vray > Photoshop


Very nice work, I do furniture visualizations primarily, though I do some arch vis work as well. This is an incredible example of arch vis great work.

Some parts of the upper house appear really dark on the exterior, if they were lighted just a little bit more the realism would go up some.

very nice, but there are some issues
in the second render, the patio area has too much specularity,
in both renders, the grass looks flat, like you’d expect from a game engine render, and the vines on the walls have no place to sink their roots.
also, there are some noisy areas, most notably the blueish lights on the walls, which look poor in comparison to the rest of the render
definitely very good attention to detail :yes: