Gir in Yafray (Sorry Enriq766, you reminded me... hee hee)

not to steal yer thunder or anything, but I made these a couple of months ago …
taquito-seeking mode

humm, wonder why i cut his antenna off in the silly one. maybe i’ll rerender it.

Cute characters. :smiley:

Nice looking :slight_smile: I think they would benefit from maybe a ‘seeking’ light that movies around when he’s looking around. Something that will still make it look robotic.

I like very much the simplicity of yours modeling robot! :stuck_out_tongue:
He look’s so expressive!
I like so the way the parts are lihgting!
Can you tell me about the parameters?
I 'll be glad to see him in a short movie.

Hey yours is kinda kool. I did mine in about 2 hours. As I was watching a movie. Sadly the only way I can see invader zim is by downloading it.

We dont get nick toons here. And I think they cut it off and play old episodes on Cosbys when ZIM is on regular nick. Too conservative here i guess.


Nice model! Rigged?

cute small robot

lol cool, cool expression

he’s a funny one :slight_smile:

yhea… he’s really badly rigged. My first character, and I had no idea how to do it properly. so the rigging’s terrible :slight_smile: Posable is a better term. I’ll make some more renders when i get back to my blendmachine.

very neat

InvaderZim Owns :smiley: [!]