Here are a few pics I did of the robot Gir from Invader Zim, an old show on Nick.


Looks funny, nice (never watched the show though)

Looks great. You should try it with toon shading.

I love this character. :slight_smile:
Like your model to.

why is there BACON IN THE CLEANSING CHALK?!?!?!?!

I Made It Myself!

GIR!!!..i wub this show! yoy should make his dog suit and a squirrel

good job!

seen this?

why did they ever take this show of the air? it was amazing!!!11!1!!111One!!!

Lol I like the last one best.
Doom, doom, doom, doom doom doom doom doom dooooooooooom, doom doom doom, doomy doom doom doomdoom, doom doom doom doom the end.

It’s Got Chicken Legs!!!

I think the eyes could do with some more Emit.

ha haha. Funny.

I think i used to like that show :smiley:

Now its got a kinda cult thing goin for it right? I remeber it being kinda morbid?? is that right? But, anyhoo I think it was funny :smiley: They had waaaaaaaaay more uncensored stuff back in my heyday, ie the 90s :smiley: Like remeber that one show with the action figures, and that one naked one?? My mom loved that show :smiley:

Any hoo, nice model. The background is pretty grainy though

The background is pretty grainy though

That’s just the way the image was uploaded.