Giratina (Pokemon) WIP

Hello, fellow Blender artists
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So I made a pokemon model to do a simplistic shadeless render with it. I wanted to use Freestyle for inking, but stumbled on two big problems:

1) Freestyle won’t draw lines at intersections between meshes.

The thin lines are made with ‘Edge’ setting in the Post-Processing section, but they are too thin and I can’t find an option for their thickness. Any help with intersections? Is it even possible with Freestyle?

2) Freestyle won’t draw lines behind objects with transparent textures.

I kinda understand why it happens, but still - does anyone know a workaround?

And so it would fit the WIP thread more, here’s one of test renders I did when I was messing with materials. Couldn’t make it any better, because I suck at it -_-. Any help here is more than welcome.