Girl and sword fig

Hello, here is the final Cycles Render of my girl with a sword. also, the 3d view.


Let me be the first to say wow whoo whee wah.

Very nice modeling and materials, and the face especially looks good. It has the feel of a finished character.

Now 3d print yourself a new girlfriend, you’ve earned it.

Hey James Candy! thanks a lot. yes maybe i begin to understand wht is a "finished"picture.
here are additional views

wow super cute girl, wonderful proportions. :smiley:

WOW, I’m blown away !!

Armor needs some smoothing…otherwise…yumm!!

Straight up 5 stars. Love the comic style! Reminds me of two girls in particular: The Julie Winters from “The Maxx” and Elinor from “Wizards”

Impressive work, XAD! The face is very beautiful, and I like how you’ve done the hair. :slight_smile:

Can’t…Look…away. Very nice model. :slight_smile:

Perfect figure. And yeah, armor would need some smoothing + look closely those (nice) boobs and you see it there also.

Many thanks to you all guys! i’m very glad with your comments here as i love so much Blender!
LiquidApe i didn’t knew these models.
yes, some subsurf modifiers where of for these renders…but don’t look to closely…you shall bounce!!
here is a test for an other way i’d like to go.


Nice pics! It reminds me of the warrior girl in “Heavy Metal”… Great movie, BTW…

I’m really bored by all these rabbity ears everywhere, what is the meaning of all this?
Only a vulcanian-hare hybrid can explain such a proliferate.


Amazing, and yummy indeed
Some wonderful flow around all these big… anyway
Excellent work!
what about these vulcanian ears? Are you missing the point? eeeh I mean the points LOL
BTW, I also admired it in the ZBC forum, it goes for 3dprint, right?

This looks great as is, but maybe you can explore some textures as well so that you cross over to realism a bit? I am thinking it would look very cool

LoL, yeah I missed the point of those points, but all of you, old libertines, you can not resist when you see large appendices …

Back to the topic, I think her feet are a bit large. EDIT: not her feet only…LoL


Yes Michalis, the model is now ready to print…just wait to have money before to make one!
well, sourvinos, i absolutelydon’t now why this elves ears…maybe it’s fun and take attention. maybe girl shall have such ears to walk with such “clothes”! lol.
Also, i hope guys my other works with wiser shapes will please to you as much as…these points! all rendered in Blender. all box modeling in Blender. too sculpt done in Zbrush…as i purchased it…i use it, with pleasure.

Maybe a bit more pink color and shine on the lips?

well. maybe. but i don’t know very well how to manage shining material only on lips.
an other Cycles test. with pleasure!


Oh wow… If I didn’t know better I would mistake this render with a foto of an action figure. Good Work! :wink: