Girl drowns puppies?

Yesterday I watch this video of SxePhil talking about some girl on 4chan who got a bucket
of puppies and started throwing them into a river, obviously drowning them.

I won’t the video of the actual girl drowning the puppies here, because it’s kind of graphical, like you shouldn’t watch if you have a bad stomach, I couldn’t watch it, it can literally make you cry :frowning:

If you really, for some reason, want to see this video, it’s in the description of the video I just put the link to.

I just want to know, why someone would do such a thing? What was the point? Was is for attention? If it was, she sure got, a bunch of 4chan people are know harassing her, I think off facebook, I’m not sure.

I makes me sad to see people doing such a thing, and it didn’t make me sad to see the puppies, it just reminded of how cruel we can be and that this kind of thing is always happening around the world. This is just one of the few moments a thing like this was filmed.

What are your thoughts on this?

Some people just have demented thoughts and act on that to execute acts of sadism on animals small and large.

It’s a very sad reality in this world that we sometimes see daily on the local news (doesn’t matter where you are in the world).

You have people running squalid puppy-mills that sell puppies on the cheap to naive people, operations that are not puppy-based, but equally as squalid with the dogs in bad shape when they’re shipped off to animal shelters.

Even pet stores can have pretty bad conditions with the dog cages having feces smeared onto the glass and the puppies in bad health generally for more reasons than just that.

Don’t get me started on the video aired by Inside Edition showing a European women throwing a cat into a waste bin (but luckily got rescued just in time)

The best bet for unwanted puppies is for a shelter with a good reputation to take them in and find them homes, we have such a shelter that has a new state-of-the-art building that’s quite a bit more humane and nice than the old one (the dogs get their own little suites with toys and cats are also kept in glass walled rooms with climbing equipment and toys, with a number of windows and skylights to assist their natural sleep/wake cycle.)

Hope they catch the BI*CH. Worst thing I’ve seen.
The woman who put the cat in the bin was from UK. It was in the news here, a couple of days ago.

This is not uncommon, there are literally thousands of this kind of videos on the internet. This wasn’t such a bad video if you compare to the stuff that is out there.

If you dare have a look at some extreme porn…or some pain contest videos. Or execution videos…or what is really going on in iraq. This isn’t anything, I’m not trying to sound though because I have seen a lot of disturbing shit.

But it’s very common and this kind of sadistic behaviour is a result of humans having to control their natural instincts and whishes. We are often put into unnatural situations against our will, this leads to pain that some people shut in.

This pain has to be released at some point, if it has happened early in ones childhood it can lead to really sadistic and pshychotic behaviour. This girl needs to take a break from the unnatural world and camp in the forest for a few weeks.

With a man or woman with a stable mind. Not some of the child raping priests in the church or old school teachers. Btw many priests have exactly the symptoms of this girl, they follow unnatural rules that just are impossible to follow in this modern society of ours. They build up emotions and have to release them at some point.

(I have seen many videos of really really disturbed priests…) Religion is definately not a good moral guide…Oo. I still felt a bit sick watching this girl drown the puppies. This can get worse…especially if she enjoys it. Puppies turns into cats…after she gets bored of drowning animals. She starts to torture them, next thing you know it and she goes on a killing spree. Raping, killing maybe even eating other humans. I wonder if a woman is capable of this though. I have still not heard of a single case of woman cabalissm.

Yeah that’s more humane, but when I go to pet stores they have cats and dogs in display cases for the entire day, like wth?

I couldn’t watch it :confused: Only the first few seconds, it is really effed up. Yeah, the old lady who put the cat in the bin was found… I think.

Vali: I could easily argue that your active search for sadistic videos is slowly, but surely giving you a biased view on the human population in general, sometimes going close to using a generalistic view that everyone is inherently violent and will do demented things given the right conditions, also it’s not always good logic to describe what a person might become in purely linear terms, as there could be changes and shifts in behavior along the way, sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse.

There are many good natured people out there who will do many acts of kindness and like said before many who will actively help animals recover from injuries and try to give them a good home to have a decent life, it’s possible you’re more easily seeing a lot of sadistic videos on YouTube compared to videos showing kind acts because they generate more views and comments.

Pretty much.

Yes there is a beast within all of us. Deep inside every christian every politician every teacher…there is lurking a big nasty monster. It’s when you supress this monster locks it in…that you suddenly have to release and this results in the sick behaviour. That is why it’s important to live natural…something that is hard to do in our unnatural society. Religion contributes a lot to supressing of the beast. That is why so many priests and christians often aren’t as moral and good as they claim to be. It’s pretty obvious they are not very moral when they tell everyone that don’t believe in their imaginary friend to go to hell and burn forever. It’s a disease…a disease much like this girl is having. She is suffering from another illusion though, the illusion of media and celebrities most likely. It’s all fiction and an act…I feel sorry for all confused children today…myself included xD. In the end it’s not her fault but the “good” “moral” peoples fault, it’s all our fault…we shouldn’t beat this girl for what she did. But we should beat ourself for being such morons…

Vali: I could also easily argue that it’s also not good logic to try assert that when someone does something sadistic or criminal on their own will, that it’s someone else’s fault.

This type of blame game that denotes the idea it’s not the girl’s fault she drowned the puppies can create some nasty arguments, I know kids will tend to do the blame game all the time, but I’d expect that most people will develop a sense of accountability as they go through their teenage years that it’s more likely than not their fault for the crime they did, we can’t blame other people if we willingly act on a demented train of thought, many people realize this and that’s why we don’t just slap crooks of all types on the back, say “It’s okay”, and let them go.

Also, note I’m only responding to the parts of your posts that are compliant with forum rules.

Despite what you may think, there still is something called free will and she most definitely acted according to her own will. Therefore she is responsible for her actions and deserves any punishment she gets.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that blaming it on morals and repression due to religion isn’t the entire story. There are tons of reasons people do stupid things, most often simply because “it seemed funny at the time.” I’m sure that you have done your fair share of stupid things, as I have done mine and I’m sure that you can’t really remember why you did them either.

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