girl face model.update new hat

girl face model,2nd attempt to a human face, hope u like it, i modeled fastest i could, 30 min, so its only a sketch

how can i fix that bugs on face, i tryed remove doubles, smoth vertex, ctrl+n, nothing worked, plz hlp

That’s a good start. I don’t see the bugs you are talking about…

As for the modelling, the eyes need to be much smaller and you should try and increase the distinction between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. The symmetry seam is also slightly visible. But as you said it is only a sketch so I’m sure you’ll be getting round to those.

thanks Supernoob , i´ll try ur tip of the lips.
the bugs, i was talkin about that part of the right eye, on the corner.

I think at that part the verts are too close together. Just move them out and could you post the wire? Nice start
Good luck

i forgot to publish here the update.

Good face; the proportions seem right - just watch it when your making the cranium (upper head I guess). My only crit is fix the left eye! Its pointed the wrong way (compared to the other eye). Kind of scary looking, now.

I’ll wait for more updates, cheers.

u right servo888, lol
this model is not meant to be perfect, as i said i just want to use uv textures
i´ve never used before in a model , just in games.

no coments at the moment… this is a bad thing guys. :frowning:

Ok, that hair is just crazy. I think you should keep working on the face before you move on to the hair. There are a few little things that I can’t really single out… I can’t think of any meaningful tips right now other than to just look at some of the faces that other people have made and look at the kind of details and accuracy that make a great face model.

this ‘hair’ is not hair, is a ekimo cap :stuck_out_tongue: , not finished yet

LMAO! What a blunder. Ok, I reckon finish off the shape of the head (cranium etc.) before you shape the eskimo cap because its shape should be dicatated by the shape of the head.