Girl gets humiliated for wanting to work overtime

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This is outrageous! It’s sickening to think what people are capable of doing. And how stupid some of them are. It was only successfull because some people were moronic enough to follow the orders of an annonymous caller claiming to be a police officer. The world is going down.

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Can´t believe this. I just can´t believe this. OMG.

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Pop quiz:
A policeman (even ignoring the “claimed to be a policeman” part - keep in mind the manager believed they were a policeman) has called you and told you one of your employees is a theif. They say you need to perform a strip-search to find the stolen purse.
Do you:
(a) Tell the policeman to come over and do their own damn strip-search, reminding them that they’d be better at it and anything found would stand up better in court that way anyway. Plus the whole sexual-assault thing.
(b) Go right on ahead and do whatever they say - false authority syndrome be damned.

that really sucks, but, holy cow…some people are obviously not capable of making rational decisions independantly. you’d be suprised at how many people fall for the ’ we’re the police ’ routine. one time a couple of bufoons told me they were the vice squad and told me to hand over some ID, and the first thing I said was ‘where’s your badge?’, at which point they fled. good thing too. ( for them )


this is why i got out of working at a food chain like that. Thats only ONE of the million reasons they suck.

stupid how someone could do this if it was a joke they went way to far.

If you can get 16 years prison for it, it’s not a joke.

Maybe I have a a different perspective on this because I know a bit about how this crap works having to have training at the local police academy for my security license and thus know a small bit about the local and federal criminal code, or maybe I’m just not stupid. Regardless I can feel sorry for this person only up to a point. The second that I got told there was a police officer on the phone I would have said ‘fine, let em come and arrest me on my second shift, I dont plan on leaving the store until thats over anyway’, no way would I sit there and be detained based upon some anonymous callers say so. Then again I know what constitutes ‘unlawful detainment and what dosnt’. This part I suppose can be overlooked (kind of).

But when it got to the point where she was subjected to a strip search without a police officer present… c’mon people. My grandmother on my mothers side was always fond of saying ‘there are no victims, only volunteers’. This is not like rape, so the whole ‘go ahead blame the victim’ line just dosnt cut it with me. The more absurd the callers requests got, the less sympathy I have for this girl. Even if the girl is of abnormally low intelligence, the moment she was ordered to perform sexual favors on the managers fiance was the moment that she should have grabbed the scissors on the desk and said ‘come near me and I’ll cut your pecker off’. She should have then started yelling ‘rape’.

And for you armchair socioligists out there dont start citing the Stanley Milgram ‘Obedience Tests’ or any crap like that because I dont want to hear it. Like I said, I feel sorry for the girl (mostly for being stupid), but only up to a point.


What Zarf said.

Zarf, although you are right to a point, by that time it had gone too far for her to be able to fight back. The guy holding her had completely decided to go along with the phone caller, even though he knew that something wasn’t right.

The phone caller told him to hit her if she resisted, and the guy would have done so. At that point waving a pair of scissors around will get you nowhere.

Shouting may have brought a member of staff, but since the only avaliable ones had her pegged as a thief anyway her story wouldn’t hold much credence against her manager’s fiance’s.

The point at which she should have stopped it was when she was told to strip. She should have sat down and said she would wait for the police to arrive. Once the manager’s fiance came along it was too late.

Because of this she isn’t so much a willing participant as a silly and naive girl, who let it get beyond her control, most likely because she was afraid of loosing her job and being unable to support her ill mother.

I think you are being a bit harsh to blame the girl much for this, the other participants are all considerably more guilty, and being older (and supposedly wiser) should have known better.


It’s a sick world. Those perverted fucks played along with it because she was so helpless. Taking advantage of someone’s naiveté and innocence is very low and should be punished very harshly.

Don’t do what a cop orders you to do unless he can properly identify him/herself.

Don’t allow a cop to enter your house without a proper order.
We’ve had situations here with organised criminals pretending to be police and just stealing your belongings.

And for christ’s sake, don’t take no crap from anyone!
They say jump, you say how high? Come on!

yes I should have said more in my last post. Why did’nt she just leave.

About three months ago, I had an anonymous caller claiming to be a police officer call my cell phone accusing me of placing “inappropriate prank calls” to some girl in another town I’d never even heard of. I cooperated with him (to a point), but I made sure to get his name and department. As soon as I was off the phone with him, I immediately called the police department he claimed to be working for and asked them about him. Of course, he didn’t exist.

After that, I spent about five hours making calls back and forth between the local police department and Verizon (who just gave me the runaround and blatantly refused to provide any helpful information even when I had the cops speak to them), trying to track this guy down.

Anyway, long story short, if anyone ever calls you claiming to be an officer, the first thing you should say is, “What is your name and dispatch number? I will call you right back.” If they’re in person, ask to see their badge. That way, you know you’re probably not being had.

Perhaps I misrepresented mysef or you misunderstood me. Regardless
of course the other ‘participants’ are infintley more guilty for what happened than the victim herself. That does not absolve herself of her own culpability.

This is not a case where a woman is jumped walking to her car in the middle of the night in an empty parking lot and ‘freezes’ instead of fighting in order to survive being raped. I can actually understand that response because not only is the situation much more severe from the onset, but the chances of her living may in fact, quite sadly, be enhanced by doing nothing and waiting it out. This girl however was in a restraunt that was open for business and had people around, perhaps even customers. The girl reacted very stupidly and while that is regretable, it still happened.


I think if the girl had half a brain she would not have gotten taken advantage of. Being stupid is her fault. Anyone with half a brain would have walked out of that room. Unless she did steal something…Why would an innocent person go thru that. If i knew in my heart that I did not do wrong you would have to shoot me before I got naked for you.

let’s not forget, it’s also a failure of parenting. the parents of this waif did not equip her with basic decision making skills or a knowledge of her own rights. this is what you end up with when you shelter a child too much i guess.

to put it bluntly,

shit happens

stupid bitch

god, please bless america

That was inappropriate.