Girl in a Living Room

Portrait of a girl


Hi all,I am new here. I am looking for insightful critique about my artwork. Thanks in advance!


The modelling looks pretty good, the materials are a little off.
For the shirt everything looks great except that weave should be smaller, so you can just adjust that using a mapping node or re adjust the uvs.
The skin is to grainy, it looks like you have a uniform noise texture of the entire surface of the skin, which makes it look weird.
I would get rid of it entirely, or change the scale to be smaller and make the colour difference more subtle.
Also on the skin maybe try adding sub surface skattering or if your already have some turn it up to be more noticeable.
If you need and screen shots for node setups I would gladly share mine with you.
Good luck refining this image.

Yea look like she hasd a bad skin condition. Also the eyebrows need work bit patchy . Jealous of the eyes having trouble with them:(. Are the eyes painted on a seperate mesh?The hair looks good how did you do it?I’m try to learn blender too.

Three separate meshes for the eyeballs.

you should paint the top of the head brown so it doesn’t show through the hair so much.


I think the model looks fabulous. The only point where it needs work is a good skin texture, and some more SSS, again. The ears don’t have any SSS and that sort of ruins the model. The hair also needs work, in that the eyebrows look clumpy, and the hair is too random.

Try this: Add a really perfect hair layer, then add stray strands on a separate particle system. Lots of stray strands, if needed.

Also, export the UV map to Ps or GIMP, and paint in the top of the head and the eyebrows. Basically wherever there’s hair, as Modron mentioned. It would work wonders. Use the Intercept factor of the Hair Info node, plug it into a Colour Ramp and use Grey -> Black -> White and then use it to control Reflection and Transmission mix of the Hair shader.

Hair is always translucent at the very starting, and then immediately reflective, and then translucent again.

Hope this helps.

the hair and the eyebrown looks terrible, you sure need it more smother.
the skin need be a less scaried and with some sss.

and cheers for the sueter materials, thats perfect!

In addition to the other posts, the ears are just a little too small in height. They should line up with the top of the eyebrows and the bottom of the nose.

That’s not always true, though. That should just be a guideline.

Something about it looks somewhat cartoony… is that what you were going for?