Girl in Kimono

At last, i finished my very first focused project…

Please, feel free to point out every abnormalities or mistakes in my work. It’s my first time so i need a lot of input.


Are you going for a stylized look?

Yes , sir. Looks like my work failed to achieve that :sigh

On the contrary, I think the character looks very nice, but the scene does not look right, maybe make the materials brighter?

I agree withe blenderd. The scene is nice, but could benefit massivley from an abstract stylised approach. Even greyscale would help, but I hope you wouldn’t do that and call it done. DoF, some typically Japanese colours, and some movement (by that I mean artificial motion) would make this a killer.

EDIT: It’s all in post processing for something like this.

I really having a hard time texturing the scene, as my knowledge and resources of textures currently are very limited. I’ll try to brighten the scene , experimenting some more and implement it into my next work.

Oh yes, dof ! Really forget about that one.
By artificial movement, do you mean by motion blur ?will it messed up the glare ? I added a glare node on my composition.

I don’t think that motion blur will affect the glare.

I don’t mean motion blur, I mean the suggestion of motion. It’s hard to describe, some adverse bending on plants etc. Something to give it some dynamics (not actual dynamics, the suggestion of dynamics in the image). With this image, I’d also be tempted to use abstract colours in part (i.e. over saturated colours) and very under saturated in others. At the moment, the colouring is all a little flat. You could really do post work on this to make it pop. You have the base image already there.

Ok, i’ll try to spice it up a little with a few tricks i know on photoshop and use it on my next work. I really sucks at coloring since i was a 2nd grader, don’t know why.