girl model

Hi all

I 'm play blender as my hobby and this is my try to model the girl with 2.5 alpha1.
now i think about hair. Is hair particle in 2.5 alpha1 ready to use or come back to poly texture? here are my model pics.

Here is what the Durian team reported today:

== Durian ==

hair is in controlled state now, first succesful quality shots rendered

wings (cloth) sim is being tackled, goes forward

it was asked if therea was any report on what issues were found with
hair and how they were solved?

Ton will schedule brecht+cambo to make a long blog post on it :wink:

very cute!
and very nice the red little shoes!

Thanks, loopduplicate and marcolorenz
i 'm finding some hair particle tutorial now.

Cute so far, and yeah hair-particles would be cool!

She is Adorable. Keep this work up !

there is a good hair tutorial if ur still looking for one

thanks everyone.
Natholas, yes i saw that great tutorial. That 's help me a lot. and this is my update. but it 's just my test on hair particle. i found crash so many times. I hope i can try Beta version soon.

could we see your settings? you could use less parents and more childeren… i think thats maybe why it keeps crashing… just a guess