Girl on bench.

Hey. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I figured I’d try to do some 3D stuff again.

This time I’m going to try to make a scene about a girl who is simply sitting on a bench getting her picture taken/portrait painted. She’s a nice girl who generally doesn’t have qualms with others, but maybe she is a little too reserved for her own good. This can be frustrating to others, at times. The society she lives in is fairly laid back, neither too reserved or too unrestrained in their thinking, for the most part.

Here are the reference pictures I drew of the scene and the character.

This one is the picture I just decided to draw one day.
She is sitting on the bench, with beach behind her a fair way.

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Here is the first version of the layout, from birds-eye-view.

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Here is the character model reference sheet.
The head in this picture will not be used. I will draw another, with more detail.

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She needs a name. I was hoping something exotic that is not common even from the land it originates from.

Thanks for looking.

First draft of body. I haven’t made that many bodies, so it’s not particularly realistic, but I’ll do my best.

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Would do more, but I’ve working on it for a few hours, so I’ll take a little break.

the proportions are off,I would check out something like this for reference.

you can use those proportions as a basis and then edit the model afterwards to suit your needs.

What porportions are off? The waist, arms, etc?

The body seems to be a bit wider than it really should. you should either make the body thinner or make the girl taller.

Yeah. I was actually going for a non-ideal girl, even though she won’t be far off. The wideness may be natural. I think I’ll work on that when I get to finishing the basic body mesh.

Here are the references for the face. The first one is the drawing, the second is the wire render I did of it in Blender, for a cleaner reference.

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Here’s preliminary head model.

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It looks a little cartoony. But, I’ll have to mess with it when it’s actually on the body model. If it doesn’t turn out 100% realistic after a bit a tweaking, that’s fine. Anatomically not exactly the best, even for cartoony look, but I’ll go with it.

Going to stuff it on the body in a little bit, then go to the hand (using a reference from the internet), and then the feet using a tutorial.

Well, you could improve the scene composition. There’s some design and composition on this site wich I find good and quick:

This one is about balance. I think the composition is weighting to the side of the girl, with nothing to ‘compensate’ the other side. You could try centering her more; Or you could put her sitting a little bit left from the center, and the wind blowing her hair to the other size to compensate. That’s just a tip, there’s a zillion ways wich you could achieve balance in your scene. But I think, as she is the main subject of the image, she should be in a place that draws attention to her: the center, next to the center or making a composition that guides the look towards the position she is in.

Hope that helps, have a nice blending!

Good idea. I’ll throw that around in my head for a while and see what I come up with.

Glad that helps :slight_smile: I really like thinking about composition, although I think I still not good at it… But that also comes with time and practice!

Okay, got some starting clothes, put on some feet, and a head. The shorts are probably going to stay, except the material is going to be edited to look like soft cloth. The top is going to look like a Chinese/Hawian Hybrid. I’ll post some refs later.

(Click to enlarge)

First version of the blouse. I need some help with tips on how to get it to look as real as possible.


The blouse is nice so far, I think… good job :slight_smile:

A model can only be as good as the sheet it started from. I think you need to rethink your proportions completely. Take a look at the attached sheet, feel free to copy it.


Starting hand model. Need to work on it some.

The weird curve near the base of the pointing finger has some tri’s I can’t figure out how to deal with, yet.

I have the hand model finished. May make adjustments later. Thinking about whether or not to, right now.

And here is the basic meshes for the character finished.

Release the Kraken!

Wat .

I changed the face around some and added some hair.


This is why becoming a member is so important! Great tips and best of all seeing someone take an Idea and work on it, I’m not into people yet? When i went into cad i had much too learn from the teachers. So much help for all who ask, good site built on good people. Blender is not different then cad and both cgcookie and BA with not only meet my needs but surpass them.