Girl Portrait - Hair Study

Tried to work with new hair groom with Geometry Nodes. Not an exact reproduction but inspired by a piece of SamDoesArts

Sculpting / Modeling in : Blender
Textured in : Substance 3D Painter
Rendered in : Cycles
Post Process in : Photoshop


Amazing work! :smiley: Excellent model topology. The light perfectly outlines the silhouette.

Thanks a lot :grin:

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks I appreciate it !

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

love the mood in the whole render

Brilliant work with the lighting (specially with the shadows). I like it.

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Lovely work @Randy! Hair looks great. Tolology is awesome and the lighting really gives the whole image depth.

I am working in Archviz and have not used the grooming tools in production at all, but seen all the awesome videos. Since you tried the new tools now, what are your workflow impressions. Is it really a game changer what ease of use is concerned at the videos suggest?
If you don’t mind, I would love if you could share a bit of real life production experience with it…

Thanks a lot !

Thanks I appreciate it !

Hi, so first of all, thanks for your comment ! And about this new workflow with Geometries nodes, i can say that it’s been way easier to learn then the classic particle system. I was really scared at first of doing hairs 'cause seeing how the particle system worked i thought it would be really hard to tweak settings and make by exemple those curly hairs or the bun. But with GeoNodes I just had to grow on single hairs and without even combing it i could achieve a result that i wanted just by tweaking the nodes. I’m pretty sure this could be done with classic particles system but it’s definitely way easier to do with this new Workflow.

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Appreciate the detailed answer. That sounds really great!