girl portrait head

new WIP go to town

ill probably do a series of these … maybe …

im working on a blender model, i modelled most of it and unwrapped half of it by this time, maybe i should post that up here instead

i thought doing stuff like this and studying stuff like this would some how make me better at digital painting

In the tutorial-sticky there’s a link to Andrew Loomis books on figure drawing. I recommend checking them out, as you biggest weakness lies in not being able to describe the human face in a consistent perspective. Loomis’s books should really help you out there.

Is this a portrait of someone you know? or is it from reference? or is it imagined?

I can believe your drawing…, she looks stylish. Whilst Thera’s feedbck may or may not be valid it is these differences from the norm that make the most interesting (and imo beautiful ) faces…

She looks very aquline, angular and stylish… she looks more average in the draw over…the ears may be smaller than average, but that’s plausible… mine are larger than average! i prefer the more angular defined nose and jaw in the original…

In all I like the original much better and it feels to me like a real person… but we all have opinions…

I’m pretty sure it’s based of a photograph. When giving critique it’s also not my job to make a picture better subjectively, it is to find the flaws and figuring out whether it makes the picture better technically. Primarily it’s to guide.

I dunno, I wish you didn’t imply I’m some sort of facial totalerian.

Sorry not my intent… I didn’t mean to disrespect your feedback…

It’s just I know girls with feature’s like nelson drew and can picture what nelson was going for… whilst he may be off here and there I’d say your picture is more proportionally correct but feels like a totally different girl to me…

So if he’s going for a likeness it would be further from the mark… if he’s making it up then it’s probably better…
Your own work is fantastic Therehedwig, no disresepect was intended on my part though I can see why you might think there was.


on critique… art is always subjectve so I try to align critique to what the artist was trying to achieve and see if I can help on that journey… the facial landmarks here that differ from the norm. (angular jawline with little fat below… finely sculpted pointose tip… elfin sweep the small ears… and jaw… these could all be the lndmarks of this face… can’t tell without ref photo

No, I do get where you’re coming from as well, but for me it’s equally impossible to guide someone on that, so I just hand them what I can see right now, and don’t really bother with the rest. If it was strongly intended to be that way, I expect the artist to tell me that. In this case, giving the reference could result in us being able to give better feedback in how to achieve that effect.

I guess, in a way, I don’t expect my feedback to be 100% accepted. I only hope it helps :slight_smile:

/ends highjacking thread

ha ha, what amazing feed back really makes me think.

This actually goes back to another conversation I had a while back about deciding ‘how you draw’ and ‘what you draw’ and things like drawing styles. cause there are so many different ways that you can go with any piece of work.

Take Humberto Ramos for example, I love this guys stylistic work but after studying it for a brief amount of time I concluded that I would never want to draw like that. yet at the same time again I love this guys work :S

You can potentially study/learn/emulate any variety of styles, how do you determine which type of style you like to run with?
As far as I can tell there’s a broad spectrum of opinions on the subject. some like anime style others say anime style is bad. some like realistic, some cartoonish, exhaggerated and wierd, iconic, stylized, etc.

I’m thinking in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. things like styles are irrelevant, what you use is merely a matter of preference. and of course there’s implementing correct art fundamentals and stuff

I think that style is something that should happen from you naturally…

you can’t beat real life study though… it’s endless as you get more and more awareness and subtlety the more you study from life!

I like Therahedwigs input when I first did this head I thought that it looked a bit off like it was flattening out or turning inside out or something. Like the depth was off.

But something about their revisions … feels like there’s an anime influence in there somewhere. Though I don’t really like the eyes because they seem to kinda flatten out to me … almost like they were stickers … someone said something like that about my work once ^^;;

Looking back at my stuff, my eyes are pretty messed up! How do you do nice eyes? Someone here is going to tell me to reference Loomis or Bridgemans books or something I just know it.

Still the feedback is much appreciated, this feedback is much better than any other input ive had on this so far. Some people I’ve asked just say ‘its nice’ or something; that doesnt help me :frowning: I’ll try to keep this in mind while moving forwards.

hmmm … something still isnt right here, its still … deflating …
maybe it would be easier to just redraw it from scratch

Yeah there’s a little bit of manga influence in my stuff, combine this with having large eyes, and you get a norm of drawing overly clear eyes all the time.

But looking at it from myself, we can see we both have drawn really large eyes than what is realistic.

I recommend you try modeling the eyes in 3d. Use photoreference and look at how other handle the task. It may make you more familiar with the topology involved with eyes.

Edit: I also recommend mirroring the picture!
As for style, there’s a difference between an Aesthetic and a personal style. Too many people confuse the first with the later, while a distinction is very important.

hmmm … guess i should try studying eyes or something
more loomis, more bridgemans and stuff

aw man i think its starting to get worse T_T

I did a quick paintover that may help.

Color can be a rough thing to tackle right out of the gate. You might want to try painting it in black and white first just to get a good grasp on light. If your values are correct, you can usually do whatever you want with color and it’ll look correct.

comparing ours, mines seems a bit over exposed. you know I’ve tried working with B+W before and that seems to be fine for doing things like … structure and color values and lights and shadows etc.

but it seems like i can’t learn about colors or working with colors unless i actually … work with colors so …

and i’ve seen some methods where you take the black and white color values and you use the blend modes to mix that with actual colors. but I’ve never actually been able to get that to work right for me, I always end up with wierd unnatural color values

I think your color choices are pretty good, you’re just not getting the light correct. Here are maybe some things to think about (or at least what I was thinking about doing the paintover).

hmmm … yeah … i think i understand
let me see if i can accomodate for this somehow

i forgot what i was doing

my hard drive died and just now i discovered that windows 8 seems to have a problem with tablets
so now i cant draw or paint anything properly

i need to switch back to windows 7 :frowning:

i think i liked my old eyes better i need to fix this T_T