Girl portrait: why there is a male feeling?

Hello! I’m making this portrait of a girl. I followed a real photo to model the face, but almost everybody say the they have a feeling of something masculine, and I also do. But I can’t understand what part of the face gives this feeling.

Can somebody help to fix that thing? I want that she appears inequivocally female! Thankyou very much!


Personally, I would thin the neck and jawline, both seem a little too masculine to me. Another thing you could try is giving her a smaller nose the current nose seems too large for a female, just my opiniosn here.

If possible post your reference images as well, it will make things much easier. Side by side with your wires. Chin seems too wide, and you have a very sharp line going up to the temporal area. Forehead seems very flat.

I would say that the mouth/chin is too far out.

some women look like men…

The bottom of the chin is too wide as well, women’s chins are much narrower.

The face is flat.

The nose looks slightly wide to me for a “typical” impression of a woman. This isn’t related to the face, but it could be related to the “something masculine” impression: the visible muscular deltoid muscle. Maybe worth checking to see if hiding the shoulder muscle reduces the “something masculine” impression? Women naturally have more body fat than men, even if they are slimly built which I think translates into a less “cut” look in their muscles compared to men.

Like niverik2k said, some women have what is considered male features, like wider chins than what is considered normal. I actually don’t think this has any looks of a man, at all. You might consider going with what you have and finishing her, and see how textures and shading takes a role in making her look better.

Thank you all for you impressions and suggestions. Probably, caused by perspective deformations in the photo, I made mouth and nose a little too big. Though I’ll post the reference images later, so you can judge better. See you soon!

Here are the references I used. The front has the model overlay.

The thing that makes me angry is that the images on that famous site are made for modelers, and costs, but their are not made with all the precautions to have good references! They use too short focals to make the photos, leading to distorted subjects, and front and side view are not sincronyzed. I had to retouch all the references to make them fit!


Your reference has the same issues as you model, IMO. She has a chiseled look to her face, like you’d expect a man to have. She mitigates this by having very feminine eyebrows and hairstyle, as well as pierced ears. Your model’s hairstyle probably starts at the right place, but it doesn’t cover her forehead at all.

there is a weird loop that should be collapsed. You shouldn’t just model the flesh but the bones too. It’s very subtle but the cheekbone area needs better topology to accentuate her femmeninity. I’ll get back to you with images later.

The problem is that some loops on your model follow a path that suggest another kind of bone structure.


I think that if you clean up the loops and push the vertices around you’ll be good to go. About the lips that looks like paste on candy lips, you can avoid that by making her upperlip slighty smaller (look very carefully and you’ll see that she has smaller upperlips) and tuck the corners in.


If you have the mouth right your mesh becomes feminin.
Then you have to have also right the jaw and the cheeks.

As I always say: there is nothing more difficult that do a woman in 3D and it to look beautiful. If you achieve that the rest in 3D is easy.
Because with faces you must be exact to the milimeter. Variations of 2 milimeters are noticeable in the mouth area the most. After three or four changes
you can find the face is completely different.

Thankyou toontje for your detailed explanation. I’ll try you suggestions.
And thanks to others’ suggetions too!