Girl Portrait

Fweeb: Thank you very much!!! :smiley:

Alex_E: Thanks Alex

Hoverkraft: Thank you for the comment ^^

Cotaks: Thank you for the comment, yeah I know it has somethings to fix but I dont know if I’ll render it again anyway I’ll pay more attention in the next work ^^

Drew_Evan: Thank you :smiley:


or something else :wink:

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Wow, beautiful render.

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So cool! What if try to render in EEVEE?

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@Cotaks : lol are you think some perverted thing? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Rjay47 : Thanks :smiley:

@3f33daf50f02340e512f Вадим Герасименко : I’ve tryied do it already but the skin shader is a little outdated then EEVEE can’t read it correctly… perhaps I’ll try to adapt some skin some day :smiley: thank you

Of course, all the above points are correct, this rendering is georgeous and it is deservedly featured.
But I just can’t stop thinking:
Her hairstyle does not fit her face and age at all :grimacing:
It looks like from a grandma, and does not accentuate her soft features in a positive way!

Sorry about that, but it really bugs me (I am a designer of jewelry and I just
see such things instantly :sweat_smile: )

Because I don’t only want to rant, I suggest googling “oval face hairstyle”
And two I think would fit here:


Haha not really a perverted thing, it’s nature lol but yeah girls just get them in other circumstances as well.
if they have some kind of feeling (you get me?) :wink:

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@dr0necl0ne : Yeah some people said the same about her hair but I prefer think like a comment I received in Artstation that the guy said she seems looks like 80’s but I’ll remember it and will try better hairstyle on the next model ( btw I’m working on already… a new girl :slight_smile: ) Thank you
@Cotaks : Ok if you’re saying I’ll trust you :smiley:

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This is amazing!Awesome work, man!

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Stunning render man!!! We need more bra-less girls :wink: hahaha

I looked at the Artstation images and noticed some items. The hair seems to have some sort of pattern in it, looks like diagonal lines. The hair model is weird btw, that curling on the bottom towards the neck looks strange? It sort of looks like hair from African American people which have straightened there hair and its about to retun to curly. It looks like a soft curly pattern. Hard to explain

The skin is really nice, but the bump/normal in the smaller details is really to strong i think. Also the contrast in the skin is to strong i believe. The strong contrast makes the skin very patchy.

The caruncle needs to be more glossy, it looks very “dry” and soft pink.

Still super skilled model bro!!! RESPECT

PS is that small neckless added later? Somehow it looks like its not casting any shadow, its just there.

Dont you have issues when render a model in that huge scale? shes like 8m in height orso hahaha

I really like that pose also, it some how looks to me like she’s being bullied. She has that never ending stare, sort of emotionless… nicely done!

Looking at the male figure you did a couple months back. I think you’ve grown really great with your knowledge in the Cycles engine. Such a big difference, especially the small details, the skin and the eyes look so much better now.


very nice :slight_smile:

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@Artstallion : Thanks :slight_smile:

@rombout : Hahaha It wanst the inttention lol maybe I choosen the wrong fabric texture coz it really seems she ins’t using bra :slight_smile:
About your points about the work I agree with many things I’ll try to improve in the next projects… I need to improve my knowleage about the shaders…
I have no idea why the necklace don’t cast shadows perhaps its happening coz I’m using large area lights then the reaction on sss shader isn’t that good :confused:
About having issue in render large image No, It’s ok, It’s taking around 3 hours on rendering.
Thanks for the comment man those crits always helps :smiley:

@MmAaXx : Thank you :slight_smile:

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wow this looks incredible :heart_eyes:

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Thank you :grinning:

Wow… Amazing! Congratulations!

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Amazing! Me must speak no more. :slight_smile:

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@Kodachrome , @Uthu : Thank you

This is a very fine – completely believable – portrait, except possibly for one thing: the way that her jacket flows aross her – “you know’s.”

In real life, “the natural flow of the fabric” probably wouldn’t have so-much highlighted her “natural female attributes.”

In fact, “the actual woman in question” simply wouldn’t have gone out-of-her-way to emphasize her breasts. (Believe it or not, they live with them every day …) Therefore, when constructing a portrait of her, just be true to the character. Let the cloth fall where it may.

@sundialsvc4 : Thanks for the comment. I did cloth simmulation in Marvelous Designer I did not worry about that kind of detail actually I just got those details from Marvelous :slight_smile:

Clearly understood! :smile:

But, as you contemplate this shot – “here is a utilitarian, actual, woman.”

(Your overall depiction of her face has already removed her from the very-tired old trope of “The Impossibly-Buxom Warrior[ess].” Very Good.)

Therefore, as you continue to refine what the software has initially given you … keep this in mind.

“She is ‘a lady’ now!” … Make her look both plausible and wonderful! Good luck!!

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