Girl Room with Model Download (dropbox)

Hello, this is one of my first renders, I think it is cool, rendered with blender internal.

Download link:

This have no textures because I am not sure if them have copyrights.

I like the model of the furniture and the colour palette. I think all objects look too “clean”, but it is good job, especially thinking it is BI.

everything is too crisp. creases are needed in the bed sheets, bevels on the edges of everything! and there is something wrong with your glass material. the flower stem turn invisible when they enter the glass. also there are some issues around the window where the white of the model is getting weird artifacts where it intersects with the light of the window.

Thanks for the comments! I made this render something like one year ago, I tryed to add similar colors. I make my renders with cycles now, I just was wanting to share my model, an old model, but You are right Small Troll, those times I never use to add a bevel modifier and the glass is not right.

oh, ok. i thought i was in the critique section. i don’t normally make comments like that on finished works. srry

That is ok, I like those kind of comments of my renders normally, those help to us to be better in what We do.