Girl Short Movie

Hello Blender artists!!!

First a short introduction :wink:
I’m from Venezuela and I’m studying Informatics but I happened to have some artistic nerve, although I haven’t developed like I would like my graphics abilities until now ( I’m working on it) I’ve decided to make some serious work on 3D :D, right now I’ve been doing 3D like a year or so, not full time of course, because of college :wink: now I’m getting my hands dirty!!! :RocknRoll:

Well onto the project! it’s a short film to develop all of the stages of animation production. From concept to publishing, making emphasis in character animation but trying to maintain acceptable quality on all the stages (modeling, rendering, etc…).

I don’t want to spoil the story, so I won’t give details :wink: but it’s about a girl (12 years old aprox) In her room while she’s drawing, I’ve already made an storyboard, but as it was made by me (can’t draw too well) so It’s not worth the upload :wink:

So I’ve done the initial girl so far and some props on the room. I have barely put some procedural textures here and there (just the night table…) so it doesn’t have much work on textures and materials, I’m focusing right now in the modeling, I want some acceptable models, no need for perfection but just good looking :wink:

Also a friend of mine have recently joined me at the project, he’s still learning some basics on modeling but is making fast advance, he will help me with some props on the room and some animation I think :smiley:

On a final note I’m in the final two weeks of university so I won’t be posting every day, maybe every two days or more :eek:

Anyways I’ll wait for all of the C & C from this GREAT blender community!


I just did the ears instead of studying lol :wink:

Also, I replied some post indicating some tutorial links and didn’t got published!? I got a message after I hit submit but could barely read it, I think it was something about needing admin authorization…? mmm… just asking…:confused:

Well the screens :wink:

c ya!


Ola. It’s looks really good. I like the way you did the room - obviously you spent some time on it. Here’s hoping you get good grades too academically too . . . (-:

the neck and body looks quite angular

Hello BA!

kbot: well yes! I modeled everything in quite a long period of time… not a stunning level of detail but I’m satisfied, I think everything will improve when I get into texturing things up!

hessiess: thanks for your observations, I tried to give less “angularity” to the places I saw more straight, specially around the chest and a little on the neck, well check it out and tell me what you think about it… And if you can point where more corrections are needed I’ll appreciate the observations the most!

Well I got all messed up with the texturing of the face, specially when I began doing the eye work! the texturing is far from good but it’s a start… But when I was going to place the eyes correctly OMG!!! that’s sooo haaarddd!!! Just as I read in some thread on this forum, it’s one of the more difficult things for noobs…:frowning:

I think I’m going to spend SOME time watching and reading MORE about head modeling let’s see how it goes :wink: and of course I’ll appreciate any help on the subject…

I’ll also redo the hands ( they are so wrong ), I’m following the tutorial of how to model hands on the official blender site in the advanced section of modeling tutorials, and got pretty good results (not with this project) I was wondering if anyone knows who is the author (I missed the name) and if he has another tutorials on human anatomy, because that one is GREAT!

Well these are the caps :wink:

c ya!


Well it took me a lot of time but I finally did a face that I liked :smiley:

also I did some more work on the body, and still needs some more for perfection, but I won’t pursue that right now. I would like to correct the lips more but haven’t figure out what’s the problem. I found a thread on topology at this forum that is stunning! and had a reference to a face video tutorial that really helped me!

needs the ears (again lol) and the hair… I think I’m not going to push the texturing so much, to start rigging… I’m kind of worried about the animation let’s see how everything turns out :wink:

Finally my friend is starting to model some props all by himself! I think he’s got some nice improvement in the last three months :wink:

well the screens :wink:

see ya…


Hello BA’s!

I’ve been out for long now :eek:, but I’m back, I kept working but not in this project, maybe some time I’ll show the other stuff (it’s for commercial use so, it’s not so easy to share…)

Any way I’ve been messing around with particles, it’s so hard!
this is the first approach… still needs a LOT of work… I’m rendering a small vid with thinner strands I’ll show it latter :wink:

C & C are welcome :wink:

see ya!


Well it’s been a long time right now but that has meant a lot of improvements in my work :wink:
So after a break on Historias Nativas, I’ve retaken this project and have come up with some new material.

Now THIS is the final face, promise :wink: I did some work on the topology of the body and well… There are some wires so you can be rude on them :P. After finishing her I’m retaking the props and shading xD

Well until next time xD (hopefully sooner than before)