Girl Sitting

I was just practicing some modeling recently. then I decided to add a remesh modifier, and make it into a blocky figure. so just some quick practice and this is what I got.

lol it’s made outta purple leggo. nice work!

In it’s technical aspects photography has but one issue, one of exposure. Ansel Adams a fine American photographer and Master printer, developed a system called the zone system for exposing film. I think if your making images, as we are; between a camera and a render engine, there is no difference. The end result of both exists only in the mind of the viewer. Scope out the Zone system, we are just taking pictures.
I like the content, the theme, the model, yet I feel that a shift in framing and some depth in the shadows would make it sweeter.
Note: I only have a description of your work, one which is being displayed on my monitor which is half good and close to tuned.

I am only a bloob

The title is wrong! It should be Girl Kneeling. :slight_smile: