Girl WIP (might not finish)

Here is a girl I decided to draw one day. Digital painting. I don’t know if I am going to finish it, because I am not sure where I want to go with it. This girl is based off of a doodle I made. Entirely done from imagination (the only reference material used was a small mirror to check out what my own nose looks like). About six or seven hours of work. (copy and paste [edit]whoa! Just clicking seems to work! It use to never work for geocities.[/edit])

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HEY! When did geocities start allowing remotely accessed images???

Nice job on shading and lighting… but pportions seema lil off/deformed

beautiful skin tones, all thats really left is the hair and a BG… why not finish it?

I don’t know where exactly I wanted to go with it – what the backgroud should be, etc. I don’t know. I sortof lost interest in it a while ago. Maybe if a lot of people comment on it I might decide to finish it.

Sutabi, what parts could use proportion improvements? I know she looks a little funny, but I don’t exactly know what might need fixing. Maybe her right (our left) eye should be moved a little closer to her other eye?