Girl with Gun

I am running outta topic ^_- so thats the best I could come up with!

its cool, mouth looks bit weird.

It could be turned into alot better of a picture; meaning it looks like it has potential I like the pose and the way she’s holding the gun but it looks like you whipped it up in 10 mins which you proably did maybe colour it in gimp and give it a nice destructive/hell looking background.

Good. :smiley:

But… %| :wink:

The anatomy isn´t really correct … The head is a bit too big and the arms… humh well

Maybe you should read a book about anatomy

:x God nammit I hate it when that happens
nice pic BTW

Pretty good, about the only thing I would say is, no one can squat in that position, so maybe have her standing up a tiny bit more, or her legs farther back underneath her bum. :slight_smile:

u can squat like that, if the gun is heavy enough :smiley:

I think you could if one leg was farther back then the other for sure. Otherwise, the weight would make you fall on your butt :wink: