I used the zbrush for modeling and texturing the character, and used Blender to render and pose. The background image was made in the blender. I study how to learn to enderizar with cycles.

personally i’m not a fan of the big doll head proportion look, but from a modelling and texturing aspect it is a wonderful piece of art work

Very nice render Kleber! Do you remember me? Carlos from ortiz gaming compani. I would like see more works made in Blender.

Very nice model. There seem to be odd rust colored streaks in some of the hair locks (although that could just be my monitor throwing up artifacts as it slowly bites the dust…) Great first post, welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

I think the neck looks a bit too long and the eyes could show a bit more reflection? More glowy eyes? Love the hair!

Looks like a still from a movie. I like it a lot.

very nice model! I also think she could be in a 3d movie.