Girl (Concept by Amr Elsayed)
I mainly focused on the hair with this one :smiley:

Where did the mouth go :wink:

Is it a modigliani inspiration?

It is a girl with a silent mode turned on. How funny!

It’s hair looks good, but you should have rendered it with different shader, sand is not enough right now. But it looks good anyway, the girl would look beautiful if she had a mouth and open eyes.

Love it as it is! A silent girl, why not? (i’d love too see it with a paper-like shader)

I would say the hair works well…as a sand sculpture…would be so hard…very nice.
…and…ohhhh…“she favors a girl that I knew”…

Dude I just love this piece. The style and feel are so unique and awesome, and you’ve given her so much character and depth. I keep coming back to it :). GREAT job.

Thank you all so much! :slight_smile:
And it’s actually not a modigliani inspiration … though it does look similar :smiley:

I like this a lot!

I think what Gr8! said about a paper style shader is true, that would look pretty cool.


nice work … material is superb…


I like the feeling and the material! good work!


The feel of the piece is perfect. Amazing!

At first look from the thumbnail, I thought she was intended to look as if she had been carved out of wood. Was the eyelash a part of the model, or something done in post-processing? Subtle expression, but still gives off strong emotions. A job well done.